We are open to see patients with urgent needs, but are still limited to the treatment we are able to provide. Only attend if you have an appointment, please contact the practice if you are in need of an emergency appointment on 01845 522602.
We may look slightly different on arrival as we will be in full PPE, but we are still the same friendly, helpful team we were before.


Government announcement Thursday 29th May 2020


Dear Patient,

Yesterday evening the government announced the lifting of restrictions preventing dental practices from seeing patients face to face.

We are so glad the restrictions have been lifted and the government has set 8th June as the date we can start seeing patients.

However we are still awaiting clarity on what exactly we are allowed to do and how. 

Our initial assessment of the guidance released yesterday is that we cannot return to work to a similar level to before lockdown, and it’s likely that initially all we will be able to do is provide urgent and emergency care. 

There is a huge amount of confusion, for example, we have been referred to existing guidelines developed at the height of the pandemic for use in treating covid patients. Some of this guidance is contradictory and conflicting and from various government agencies that regulate various aspects of health care, including dental care in the UK.

Over the next few days we are hoping to have a clearer guidance to allow us to return to work.

While our aim would be to open on or as close to 8th June, it is clear that this will be in a very limited capacity due to new restrictions that prevent many routine dental procedures. We will have to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines that will prevent us from being able to see the same number of patients as before.

Certain procedures have been classed as requiring a new level of personal protective equipment (PPE) and operating protocols and systems that mean we will be able to see less than half the amount of patients we were able to pre-lockdown. There is also extreme pressure on the supply of high level PPE, we are therefore struggling to acquire the more advanced level for more complex procedures.

As always my team and I are committed to providing a high standard of service in a safe environment. Star Dental Care has always strived to surpass existing regulations and offer a safe environment for our patients and ourselves.  

Thank you for your continuing support and patience.... we can’t wait to see you all soon! 

Best wishes


Star Dental Care


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Our principal dentist, Dr Zoe Burns, also provides a range of subtle, anti-aging, facial rejuvenation treatments, including wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers – gentle enhancements for a natural-looking, youthful appearance.  



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"fantastic staff, friendly and patient - no rushing.  They explain everything they do. Excellent practice, highly recommend."

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