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Transform your smile with veneers and crowns

Your smile is unique to you.  But sometimes there may be aspects that you are unhappy with, and that you want to change.  Broken teeth, discoloured, unusually shaped or overly spaced teeth can all make you feel self conscious about your smile, affecting your self-confidence. 


We can totally transform the shape, colour and look of your teeth – a smile you can be proud of.  Sometimes, we can achieve fantastic results by simply adding small amounts of composite to a tooth to create the perfect shape.  For others, veneers can create a beautifully natural look – entirely covering the existing tooth with a perfectly shaped, thin layer of porcelain, or composite. 



A fantastic way to restore broken or damaged teeth, our porcelain crowns can significantly improve the appearance of your tooth, as well as add strength.  


Our most aesthetic crowns are made entirely from 100% porcelain; your new crown will look just like a real tooth – with a beautifully natural colour, no greying at the root and a natural level of light penetration.    



Bonded to each tooth individually, veneers are custom-made shells that cover the front of the teeth, improving the size, shape, colour and length of each tooth to achieve a beautifully natural look.   


At Star Dental Care, we use both porcelain and composite veneers, depending on your existing teeth and the desired result.  Both achieve outstanding results and offer different properties. 


Porcelain Veneers

  • 100% porcelain 

  • More likely to remain stain free 

  • Consistent colour

  • Slightly more invasive procedure

  • Requires multiple stages to achieve the finished result


Composite Veneers

  • A special resin that is carefully sculpted to the tooth and hardened

  • A more conservative, less invasive procedure – kinder to your teeth

  • Veneers are made and completed by your dentist in one single appointment

  • 100% reversible procedure

  • Durable and repairable

Not quite sure which will achieve the best results?  


Don’t worry – let us guide you.  A consultation with any of our dentists will give you the opportunity to discuss the problem teeth in question, what you’d like to change and all of the options available to you.  We’ll then advise which cosmetic treatment will achieve the best results for your new, naturally beautiful smile.

An increasing number of patients who opt for veneers also choose to complement their beautiful new teeth with one of our gentle facial rejuvenation treatments.  If you are interested in anti-wrinkle treatments, or dermal fillers, to restore a more youthful appearance, please just speak to our receptionist about a free facial rejuvenation consultation.


AirFlow is a polishing treatment that uses a mixture of air, jet water and fine powder to gently and effectively blast away stubborn stains on your teeth.

There are lots of reasons why air polishing treatment might be beneficial to you:

  • You want a brighter smile but don’t want to undertake teeth whitening treatment. Although air polishing cannot alter the base colour of your teeth, it is fantastic at removing stains and giving you a fresher, brighter smile.

  • Air polishing can be more comfortable for those with sensitive teeth than a scale and polish as there is no heat generated by the procedure, and no contact with the teeth themselves

  • It can be safely used on implants, bridges, veneers and crowns

  • A quick, effective pain free treatment for a special occasion.

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