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Gentle and subtle - a natural, rejuvenated appearance

At Star Dental Care, we take a special interest in facial rejuvenation and developed our anti-wrinkle and dermal filler clinic to compliment our teeth whitening and straightening treatments – life-changing cosmetic dentistry and anti-ageing treatments, all expertly performed by your trusted Star Dental Care team.


Our approach to dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections is conservative and gentle.  Rather than trying to reverse the clock, we believe in simply giving nature a helping hand, subtly reducing wrinkles and fine lines to restore smoothness and volume for a more youthful appearance.  It’s not about aiming for a new you – just the best version of you.

Wrinkle relaxing injections 

Say goodbye to crows feet and frown lines


Just like Botox™, our anti-wrinkle treatment is quick, virtually painless and provides long-lasting, natural-looking results.  


We add small amounts of purified protein (Azzalure) into the facial tissue, temporarily relaxing the muscles to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  It’s a safe, gentle procedure that works brilliantly to smooth the skin around the forehead and eyes, significantly reducing the appearance of crows feet, frown lines and wrinkles associated with smoking, for up to 6 months.


Not sure if wrinkle relaxing injections are for you?  


In line with General Dental Council (GDC) guidelines, we provide a full consultation before any commitment to treatment. It’s the best way to assess your suitability for treatment, explain the procedure, show you some fantastic before and after photos, and reassure you by answering any questions that you might have.  

Dermal fillers  

Restoring volume, smoothness and definition


As we age, our skin loses its natural volume and smoothness. Whereas some wrinkles add character, others can leave us with deep lines and sagging skin.  Although ageing is a natural process, it is possible to give nature a helping hand.  


Unlike Botox™, Dermal fillers don’t relax the muscles, but achieve their fantastic results by gently restoring fullness around the cheeks, lips and mouth – adding lost volume to smile lines and marionette lines for a smoother, more youthful appearance.  


When it comes to dermal fillers, we believe less is more and advocate adding a little at a time to create a natural, subtle result.  


Want to find out more about our facial rejuvenation treatments? Please just pop in to Star Dental Care in Thirsk and ask our receptionist about our free consultation appointments, or give us a call 01845 522602.

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