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Beautifully natural, white teeth in just 2 weeks


When we picture healthy teeth, we think of a beautifully bright, white smile.  But over time, our teeth can often look stained - especially if you’re a coffee drinker, or are partial to a glass of red wine.  


It doesn’t mean they are any less strong, but it can make you feel self-conscious, especially when you smile.  The great news is that if you want to restore your teeth to their original, natural brightness, our home teeth whitening systems guarantee fantastic results, every time.

Enlighten™ teeth whitening system £495


Guaranteeing the perfect B1 shade, our Enlighten™ teeth whitening system is simple to use at home, gentle on your teeth and provides exceptional results within 3 weeks.


The Enlighten™ system uses two comfortable, custom-built trays that fit perfectly to your teeth, allowing the revolutionary gel to gently whiten your smile for a 3-week period.  

Start your at-home treatment with the night gels for 14 nights

Finish off with Enlighten week 3 gel. Just an hour of daily wear seals in the whiteness to complete your treatment in the final week.

Enjoy your Enlighten smile! Use Enlighten White toothpaste to keep results pristine, and top up whenever you need to.

Boutique™ teeth whitening system £295


Our fantastic Boutique™ home teeth whitening system is perfect if you’re looking to achieve results that are 6-8 times whiter and brighter than your current shade.  


Although this particular system doesn’t guarantee the beautifully bright B1 shade of our popular Enlighten™ system, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in just a few days, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile in just 2 weeks.


Try Boutique By Night™ and allow the whitening gel to gently brighten your teeth while you sleep - you can expect brilliant results from the comfort of your own home.


Ready to take the first step to beautifully natural, white teeth? Just ask your dentist and they will discuss which whitening system will work best for you.

An increasing number of patients who choose to whiten their teeth also express interest in our gentle facial rejuvenation treatments.  If you are interested in anti-wrinkle, dermal or lip filler treatments to complement your beautifully white teeth with a restored, youthful appearance, please just call us on 01845 522602 to arrange a free facial rejuvenation consultation.

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