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Comfortable, natural-looking dentures 

Feeling comfortable in your dentures is as much about their appearance as it is about their fit.  


A great set of carefully made dentures should look like real teeth – with a natural shape and colour to each tooth, and just the right amount of visible gum.  And once you’re used to your new teeth, they should also feel great to wear – with minimal movement when you talk, smile or chew, and no areas of discomfort.


Thinking of replacing your old or ill-fitting false teeth? Considering your first set?  At Star Dental Care, we work alongside our fantastic laboratory to create well-fitting, comfortable and natural-looking dentures. We also offer both plastic (acrylic) and chrome metal options - depending on the number and condition of your existing teeth. 

Plastic (acrylic) dentures from £250


No teeth left?  If you have lost all of your teeth, or your remaining teeth are unstable, then plastic dentures are generally the best option.   As well as looking great – plastic dentures are free of metal – they are also cost effective, light weight and strong. 

Metal (chrome) dentures from £600


Chrome, partial dentures are a great option if you still have some remaining, stable teeth.  Designed to clip gently to your existing teeth, they are secure, comfortable and strong.  They also promote healthier gums and, because they cover less soft tissue in your mouth, help you maintain your sense of taste.

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